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Investment Advice and Solutions for the Trust, Attorneys and Deputy & Long Term Care Planning



We will consider key areas such as:

  • Collation of information including current circumstances, existing financial arrangements, objectives and attitude to risk for the Trust
  • Obtain information on existing holdings from relevant providers and fund houses
  • Inputting of relevant Trust data onto our back office and research software
  • Analyse the Tax & Risk Position including capacity for loss and timescales
  • Formulate Cash Flow Forecasts
  • Create Financial Plan to meet objectives, risk profile and investment timeframe
  • Completion of our Recommendation Report and the Trustee Investment Policy Statement
  • Implementation of Recommendations
  • Provide access to our Client Portal


We will consider key areas such as:

  • Annual statement of holdings
  • Client newsletters and briefings
  • Full Access to the Client Portal located in our client area on the website
  • Ongoing maintenance of your file and full administration support
  • Access to your adviser throughout the year
  • Liaising with Professional Connections
  • Completion of our Recommendation Report and the Trustee Investment Policy Statement
  • Yearly meeting agenda with adviser will include: Supporting Trustees in completing Trustee minutes ; Review of Trust objectives, suitability and strategy (in conjunction with the Investment Policy Statement); Risk profiling, asset allocation and rebalancing within the portfolio; Investment suitability and performance; Consideration of the impact of taxation on the Trust portfolio; Statement of the Trust’s worth; Action Plan; Cash Flow Planning; Review Report; Amendments to Investment Policy Statement for Trustees where required.


We appreciate the responsibility in being made an attorney or deputy and our Advice & Investment process will provide you with the support and confidence in knowing the person you are acting and caring for is looked after in all relevant financial areas.


It is important to understand how assets and long term care contracts interact with state benefits and state-funded long term care. We will help explain the main features and functions of the different types of contracts or investments that can be used to fund long term care and how they can be arranged to meet an individual's needs.

We will apply our knowledge in legal, taxation and regulatory issues that are relevant to advise in this area when researching and recommending solutions for the attorney, deputy and care patient.