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Inheritance Tax Planning & Financial Protection including Life Cover, Critical Illness, Income Protection and Health Insurance


One of the governments largest revenues comes from Inheritance Taxes, which is considered a 'voluntary' tax, voluntary because there are ways you can plan and potentially mitigate inheritance tax liabilities through effective use of trusts, investments which qualify for 'Business Property Relief', whole of life protection products and gift strategies. Our advice process will calculate your inheritance tax liability after taking into account all your assets, liabilities, gifts and allowances. We can also refer you to our professional connections for legal advice on wills, powers of attorney and trust options.


We offer a range of protection products to plan for any eventuality when it comes to protecting yourself and your family.

  • Life Cover – this self-explanatory cover provides a lump sum cover payable in the event of death, how would your family cope financially if anything were to happen to you?
  • Critical Illness Cover – how would you cope if you were diagnosed with a serious illness? The last thing you would want to worry about is finding money for the mortgage or making sure your family is fed each week, a simple critical illness plan can cover this
  • Income Protection – this type of plan is usually most common for those self-employed or if you own and run your own company, how would you be affected financially if you had to have time off work for an injury? Income Protection can help support you during this time off
  • Family Income Benefit – This type of plan pays a tax-free monthly “income” in the event of death to your family, you can also add critical illness cover, this is an alternative to a lump sum and can be more cost effective
  • Private Medical Insurance – Health insurance, also known as private medical insurance helps you cover the cost of private healthcare. It can eliminate the need to be placed on lengthy waiting lists